Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Spring is a lovely time to do a River Wandle clean up.... Sunshine, nesting coots and ducks (that we steer well away from), chestnuts and hawthorns in bloom. And all the volunteers have a spring in their step.

Mays cleanup was truly fun, with a good crowd and a fairly accessible (and not too deep) piece of water to work on. The rubbish was also of a manageable size and we had a lot of excited kids giving us a hand. Of course, the excitement level was raised by finding another gun in the water (that was promptly delivered to the police station).

Of course, I did my bit for the workers with tea/coffee cheese scones, carrot cake and wedges of buttered banana bread (no leftovers as per usual). Overall, a lovely day.  I know it's a bit of work on my weekend, but I really do enjoy it.

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